Another Rant Against “Freedom”

The US Charter of Democracy

Last time I looked, this was a democracy.

I think that means nobody is forbidden to express an opinion. Whether they are qualified or not. Some of the commentariat who regularly publish their opinions in comment boxes seem to think otherwise. According to them, only the right, or righteous opinions are permitted. (Note that this is not confined to one side of the Internet or the other. Left and Right share this disdain for opposing points of view.

Of course, if the end goal is an entrenched aristocracy who preside, and are born with spurs to ride the “unqualified”, then all makes perfect sense. There are those who have been working for some time to ensure that Money Talks, Money Votes, and Money Rules. Sadly, most of these people are unpaid victims of one of the greatest con games of the last 50 years. And they think they are promoting “principle”, when it is someone else’s Privilege they are advocating.

I find it interesting the advocates of corporate empowerment and government destruction always cite “the world is a hard, harsh place”. It is, indeed, and that is why we have chosen to utilize government (all of us working together) to mitigate the hard harshness. I keep reading the things the hyper-capitalists post about the cruel world as if they actually relish the situation. Or, perhaps, want to preserve the situation. Or, hell, if things are too “easy”, then CREATE a hard harsh world so other people will suffer as they have. “Government”, at least in the USA is not (contra the paranoid fantasies of the uber-Right) some foreign occupation army.

In the USA, “government” is me, and them (even) and all of us. It is family and friends and neighbors and work partners and employers and employees. ALL of us. And “collectively”, we decide what we want government to do. Those who are in the minority may not like the result, and they are certainly entitled to work for changes, but, please, don’t tell me that what the majority has decided is somehow illegitimate because of some fricking theory espoused by the wealthy, powerful, and privileged to con the public into letting them hang onto their wealth, power, and privilege at the expense of everyone else. Selah!

Would one of these brains please explain why “creative destruction” is Good when performed by a vulture capitalist, but Bad when it is the result of an inefficient businessman who can’t cope with MW increases? Would you also explain why you keep using the Mom-n-Pop examples of businesses when it has been shown how minimal they are in today’s Corporation State economy? Would you please explain how the Theory (which flies in face of the facts) can trump the facts because… (pick one) Free Enterprise, or Obama, or Hayek, or Reagan?

I speak as one who thought Barry Goldwater’s brand of Republicanism was the bees knees. Until I grew up and had to deal with the consequences of an implemented Theory. ( I know some of these people on the Right are economically illiterate, I am amazed at the obstinate and willful defense of that ignorance.)

Freudians think Sex is the great evil, get sexual repression off people’s backs, and All Will Be Well. Communists think the bugbear is Capitalism, get the vile capitalist of people’s backs, and the Millennium will arrive. For Libertarians, the evil genie is Gummint, get the gummint off people’s backs and Paradise will immediately ensue. [How Dare You try and impose your “responsibilities” on ME! I am a Free Person, and You are Probably a STATIST!] Of course, none of these “solutions” works outside the closed system of thought of each of these secular religions.

(Why do I find myself explaining this over and over. I feel like Lucy when Ricky wants to know what just happened.)

The most horrible thing which libertarians do is to cry “freedom” as a rallying point for all ills. At least is it when they really mean, “unlimited freedom for ME, slavery, serfdom, or permanent indenture for others”.

Of course, I suspect many of those I have met in comboxes of late are paid trolls. They get well rewarded for attacking whatever their masters want destroyed.