Left-wing Corporationism, An Infantile Disorder

As the Left has bought into the Corporate State as a means of implementing its agenda, so the Corporate State has bought into the ideology of the Left as a moral legitimization of its profits.

Lenin’s original essay ( “Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile Disorder ) referred to infantile paralysis, or polio, a terrible scourge before the Salk vaccine, which left children with withered muscles, of arms and legs and chests, some to the point they had to life their lives in an “Iron Lung”, a machine which did the breathing for them.  Vlad Ulanov was not just saying that an extreme position was childish, but was actually one which paralyzed the advocate and rendered meaningful action impossible.

So also with Left-wing Corporationism.  It has no moral backbone, being neither fish –laissez faire,  nor fowl — socially owned.  As partner with the State, it is a collectivist trust, both ruler of the State, and the fearful servant of the State.  In the pursuit of profit, if provides cash flow for politicians who work to remove whatever shards of opposition remain, power centers such as family or church.  It cynically advocates Same Sex Marriage, as a means of ensuring “families” of two working adults and no children — which is beneficial to the Corporate bottom line.  At the same time, it pumps for abortion of the unborn, and euthanasia of the elderly and the “blind, crippled, and crazy” as non-productive drags on the economy. It pumps for intervention (i.e. war) all over the globe as harbinger of increased income bought with the blood of Other People’s Children.  It calls for an end to “entitlements”, which are not the entitlements which the Corporations receive, but the social welfare payments of money, healthcare, and food/food stamps for the poor and helpless. (See the coincident call for euthanasia.)

There is a movement in academic and media circles to promote this.  It is the false worship of “experts”.  The “Expert” is a person who may be skilled in one area, such as biology or astrophysics, but who makes pronouncements regarding other areas in which he has no special knowledge, such as philosophy or religion.  The citizenry is informed it should mold its opinions according to what the cause du jour might happen to be, and that it should never challenge the voice of Authority.  Because, the Expert is always right.

Ortega y Gasset wrote of The Revolt of the Masses. He was partially right, but the “masses” tend to be inert without provocation. Christopher Lasch wrote more wisely of The Revolt of the Elites, which forms the backbone of 21st Century grievance-mongering. They are not truly Left or Right, but supremely centered around the notion that they, the smart, sophisticated moneyed elites should rule and democracy be damned. To this end, they filter into companies and governments alike. Not in any back room-plotted conspiracy, but as the natural effect of their upbringing. And they they give the world their master creation, the Corporation State.

There is, historically, a model for this Corporate State.  It was also tried in Italy, in the  1920s.

It was called Fascism.

Mussolini was always right.

Until he wasn’t.