Where have all the Tonka Toys gone?

Not the plastic ones, the toys made of steel (they rust).

You can’t find certain items in stores any more, because Walmart finds it insufficiently profitable to carry them. Some of them may be found in specialty stores, on online shops, for a price Ugarte, for a price, but consumerism has impoverished the average citizen, eliminating marginal items in favor of the high rollers.  And, since Walmart is the big boy on the block, other stores tend to follow suit.

When was the last time you saw a Gilbert Chemistry set? 

Or a Radio Shack short-wave receiver kit.

Regenerative receiver. I made one like this myself.

Whatever happened to Classics Illustrated? 

The price was 15 cents. You don’t want to know how much a reproduction is. You don’t.

Saturday morning cartoons? Sunday morning religious shows?  All gone.

How about a metal erector set?

In the name of rampaging capitalism, not only has the extended family been destroyed in favor of the nuclear family, but even that is under assault, as same-sex pairings and single working Moms are more profitable for the Corporation State.

This is, mind, not a mere nostalgia wanking for the artifacts and structures of the past.  There has been a lot of improvement.  But the cost seems exorbitant. All those things had cultural value.  They enhanced society.  And they have been replaced with something better?  In some cases, but many have simply gone away forever. 

The Gilbert Chemistry set aforementioned, was a way (relatively safe, in spite of the nanny-mongers) for kids to get a taste of real work with test tubes and putting together two things to make a third.  Yes, it required supervision.  So did model rockets.  So did getting the marksman merit badge from the Boy Scouts.

Estes model rocket, all parts safe ands approved. still around
How to literally build a rocket from scratch, including making your own fuel.

Can’t let kids get their hands on things like this anymore. They might do something awful.

What has happened to the Masons, the Elks, the Lions, the Rotary?  Where are the Garden Clubs, and the weekly Book discussion meetings.  And when do you ever see a Girl Scout except at Cookie Time?

Even the venerable Heathkit company has gone belly up. Kids might burn their fingers with a soldering iron. Or poke their eyes out.

I had a DX-60 cw transmitter, and the matching receiver, the HR-10.

How many people any more are going to Church pot-lucks?  Where are the porch swings.  For that matter, where are the Front Porches?

My son had a set of Lego blocks that looked better.

Even on a pop-culture level, we know what we are missing.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Free fact: “Mrs. Robinson”, played by Ann Bancroft, was happily married to Mel Brooks until she died.

 Also – – Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott?

I grew up on these. So sue me.

It is not merely the nostalgia of an old guy well past his prime. It is that the good was swept away, and nothing came in to replace it. But, one protests, we have Computers and Internet!

Right. You have a thousand good friends whom you have never met in your epistemological bubble, all of whom would turn on you in a heartbeat if you voice an unpopular opinion.

“Virtual reality” is neither real nor virtual, no matter what Zuckerberg Thiel, Musk, and Bezos say. “Virtual reality” doesn’t sweat.