Oscar, Where Art Thou?

Allow me to begin by declaring my prejudice – I love movies. Especially old movies. Corny movies. Comedies, Dramas, Westerns, Three Stooges, the works.


I view “Hollywood” as wanting to make the edgy, in-your-face, perverted sex romps which shock and arouse the debased and flagging spirits of the decadent elite. In other words, cultural porn. Unfortunately for “Hollywood”, the cattle in the stalls, the peasants who are not bien pensants (the movie-going public) wants movies which will uplift (always have, always will). Therefore “Hollywood” is forced to prostitute their vast talent pandering to the low-brow people with money (everyone else). Such an awful fate for an artiste.

In college, I was in the Players Club, and took part in several productions. The members of the Club chose the plays (we had no “Theatre Arts” department with a director to dictate our choices.) Semi-annually, the same argument would erupt between the “artsy-crapsy” crowd and the “mere actors”, whether to do a production which would bludgeon The Masses, or entertain them. (Think of the *Choreography* number in White Christmas.) My thought always was, entertain first, educate second. But we see which type headed for “Hollywood”.

Having just spent a week sitting around recovering from a minor ailment, I have been spending a lot of time watching old movies on TCM and from my DVD collection. Movies made between 1935 and 1960. For the most part, they are lacking in gratuitous violence, sex, and contempt for the nation (either government or people). That is the “adult themed” movies, not even the “family fare”.

There are movies which uplift, which build up, which encourage the average Joe and Jill to be better people. Then are those made by the self-loathing purveyors of dreck for the sake of dreck. Which are dreck. And which should end as dreck.

Ordinary decency, ordinary families, ordinary common sense is insufficient grist for the mill. Urging people to be *better* is so naïf of you, in “Hollywood’s” eyes. As in Man of La Mancha, it is the ‘realists’ which seek to destroy, and the ‘lunatics’ who seek to ennoble their surroundings.

(If you haven’t seen Man of La Mancha, go right now and view it.

A long clip from the movie.)

There some Modern movies which I find acceptable. The Rocketeer, Indiana Jones, Captain America – The First Avenger, but they all hearken back to a time when humanity and America were celebrated, not denigrated. So, I am a conservative-minded Old Fogy. So, sue me. I firmly believe life is given meaning in pursuit of The Good, The True, and The Beautiful.