We All Live In Bubbles

And, of course, the ultimate “bubble” is the isolation of sitting facing a screen every day for hours, living in a virtual world of virtual real friends with whom we interact on the Internet.  Saving, of course, there is nothing truly virtual or real about any of it.  But by golly, we are “connected”.  (In this regard, I recommend E. M. Forester’s short story, “The Machine Stops”, published in — 1909.)

While lovers of liberty extol this extreme “rugged” individualism, it is beyond question that isolated anonymous autonomous anomic atomized individuals (I believe the word here is (deracinated) are the best fodder for some collectivizing totalitarian propaganda.  The person without real roots, without the “little platoons” in their life, will always be a sucker for whatever demagogue comes along next.  (There is always one in the pipeline.) Would we even recognize what a popular leader was doing to us, or would we , “individually”, cheer him on?

As an experiment, I have tried, when out of the house, walking around stores and such, to go with a scowl on my face.  With no response.  Walking about with a smile, looking people in the eye, and giving a slight nod as they pass, produces an interesting variety of results, from anger to panic to a return of the smile and the nod.  Perhaps surprisingly, my very unscientific survey produces more returned smiles than not.

Perhaps we are conditioned to isolationism. 

But perhaps we don’t like it all that much.

But then some folks may actually like living in their “Bubble”.???