The Ephemeral and the Eternal

The Ephemeral and the Eternal

Many poor souls have been deluded into the notion of “relevance”.  What was Yesterday is no good, and what is Tomorrow is the Only Worthwhile Thing.  Like Smokey in Smokey and the Bandit, they are in “hot pursuit”.  Like that poor LEO, they manage to trash their pursuit vehicle in the process, barely woggling down the highway.  They have also become obsolete.

In seeking “relevance”, they have detached from Eternity, and tied their merely human ideology to a particular point in Time.  While they may imagine their Moment in History will last a Thousand Years, the reality is that time goes on.  It changes.  And it changes things with it.  What was avant-garde yesterday is pathetic and pretentious today.  They have become willingly obsolete, by their own hand, and therefore more irrelevant than had they simply done nothing.

Those who are connected with Eternity, on the gripping hand, find a home in every Time.  Time being nothing more or less that a point of contact with Eternity which humans experience, being unable to (yet) experience Eternity.

Chaos and Churn

Radicals are not merely an epithet one hurls at the Left.  Indeed, most radicals these days are found on the Right.  (In part, because the Left has become Old Hat and rather blasé.)  These Right Radicals will call themselves “Conservative”, as did the Libertarians before them, because they perceive some cachet in the name “Conservative”.  But there is nothing they wish to conserve.  Rather, they seek to disrupt the entirety of society, tear it down, and rebuild (if at all) a structure which favors their own particular group alone, (or that they are told benefits their social group alone).

Most people are not radicals, however, and grow weary of  the incessant churn, the hourly appeal to outrage (pornography) or to pathos (emotional rainforest),.  Most people have enough problems with family, work, and whatever faith they entertain to have little time left over for the spectre of incessant political agitation.  Yet political junkies think that everything is politics – –  at least everything worthwhile. (Hint – It ain’t.)

The Things Which Matter

Family first of all, one’s vocation (if one is lucky enough to have work, not merely toil), whatever religion, philosophy or worldview helps one get through the day with a semblance of hope.  And for those who have none of these, my humble apologies and sorrow – –  much of life is missed.

Of course, one cannot forget those Permanent Things which make life bearable – The Good, The True, and The Beautiful.

And not to be insensitive to that unbought grace of life which unexpectedly comes up and salutes us with the grand assertion that the world isn’t such a rotten place after all.