Your Opponent Is NOT Your Enemy

Your opponent is not your enemy.

But if you insist on treating an adversary as an enemy, you will very shortly be left with no friends, only temporary alliances in an ever-shifting war of all against all.

Nor is it required to immediately respond to every titillating  provocation of the agitator who wishes to dominate your consciousness.

Today, far too many citizens have been bamboozled by the high-adrenalin antics of the Talking Heads into the forlorn notion whosoever is not in instant and complete agreement with (whatever) is a fanged, horned demon who must be destroyed if “our way of life” is to survive.  What outrageous nonsense spewed forth by the Masters Of Outrage Pornography.  And it is pornography, it serves the same purpose in the bloodstream of an otherwise mature adult as sexual pornography does in the glands of a teenage male.  It is just as addictive, and just as destructive to the mental, emotional, and spiritual state of the one who indulges in it.

The days of the Happy Warrior are long gone.  The days when men, real men, like Hubert Humphrey and Ronald Reagan could battle for their beliefs without falling into vile meanness are over.  They could separate the issue from the person advocating the issue, and would recall the essential humanity of their opponent.

These niche midgets who inhabit the political landscape in these latter days are more of an infestation of Grinches and Grumbles than they are politicians listing for a cause.  They have no charity or generosity (if “Liberals”), and nothing worth conserving (if “Conservatives”).  And they have supporters whose name is Legion. (What is thy name? Legion, for we are many.)

But it is not only in the political wilderness we must suffer from this mentality.  Religion has also shown itself to be susceptible to the invasion of the soul-snatchers, who would damn all but their small and restricted coterie of allies. (Who travel earth and sea to make one convert and that he may be more damned than themselves.)

It is easily forgotten, because they never knew any better, that Conservatism has no real truck with Capitalism, on the grounds Capitalism is MORE destructive of the family and society than any Communist vanguard could ever be.  One can be Right-Wing, and a Capitalist, but one can be Left-Wing and a Capitalist also.  Capitalism is an atheistic mode of economic organization which is hostile to religion as much as it is to any competing form of collectivism.  (Yes, Capitalism is “collectivist”.  What else is the Corporation but a “collective’ which is an artificial person with no soul and infinite lifespan?)

It is also forgotten how Liberalism originated in the concept of Liberty, and Generosity, and Charity, and Equality.  It may easily be noted, none of those characteristics are currently present in the mouths of any “Liberal” politician or Social Justice Warrior.  The Enemies of Humanity must be eradicated is the great cry of the modern age, those enemies to be determined by – popularity contests.  (Nothing new about this, the Greeks developed ‘voting’ by using shards of pottery – the ostracon – to write the mane of anyone they thought ought be banished, “ostracized”.  But not even the Greeks thought the banished persons should be deprived of life or livelihood. – Except Socrates.)

Of course, all this is a temporary artifact of the present means of communication, coupled with the immense wealth of a nation (even with the present decline) which enables freaks and frelks to indulge their fancies.  That, and the “civilized” approach the Ranters have, which presumes they may speak whatever they choose without consequence.  If and when (more ‘when’ than ‘if’) society takes a downturn to a more primitive state, they will discover what our forefathers and mothers knew – politeness and good manners are not a luxury, but a necessity for survival.

And all those Allies, on whom one presumed reliance?  Seriously?  Having seen how They act toward the mutual Enemy, you still suppose they would treat you with gentle kindness, with humane dignity should you cross them, in the faintest regard?  Think again.  In a war of All against All, there no friendships, and today’s ally is only tomorrow’s enemy, temporarily not in conflict with Truth and Right and Justice. 

In preparation for that day, is would be salubrious to recall all the mean-spirited epithets one hurls at The Enemy may come back – as brickbats.  Or bullets.

It is salubrious to tone down the rhetoric and hate which obsesses so many.  There is, after all, a caution that he who lives by the sword shall… but, you know the rest.

Your opponent is not your Enemy.